Tibetan Monastery Services

Tibetan Monastery Services – the development of webcasting and other online services for the major monasteries and nunneries of India and Nepal.

The Tibetan Monastery Services initiative grew out of the Foundation’s audio and video documentation programs, which have been ongoing, in cooperation with the major monasteries and nunneries of India and Nepal, since 1993.

On several occasions, in 2009 and 2010, senior lamas mentioned to us how good it would be if webcasting and other online services could be made available from their monasteries and nunneries. Indeed several of the monasteries had tried to begin online services but ran into technical and cost difficulties and so postponed this new endeavour.

Inspired by this aspiration of the senior lamas, and the shared wish to enhance worldwide access to the living knowledge and arts traditions of classical Tibetan culture, there followed more than two years of consultation and planning. Early in the planning, it was decided that the most efficient solution would be to provide online services, cooperatively, for all the major monasteries and nunneries of India and Nepal, who wished to be a partner in this new initiative. Based on unanimous approval for this approach, the planning continued and agreements were then signed with forty-eight partner monasteries and nunneries, the funding was raised, the technical infrastructure put in place, the webcasting and administrative teams trained, and the online services were launched in November 2014.

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Gompa - Tibetan Monastery Services